The Emerging World of Vlogging

The term “vlog” is usually described simply as a blog that contains video material. However there is a lot more to it than just that, thanks to YouTube. 

Popular YouTube creators often take up “vlogging” as a way to video log their every day lives and publish them onto YouTube. There are a plethora of vloggers in every genre from humor, beauty, video games, travel, day in the life and more. People can turn on their camera and talk about anything that they are personally interest in with hopes that it will gain views, likes and overall interest. Many of the Top YouTube Vloggers use comedy skits and pop culture parodies to gain views and subscribers. The top vloggers have 1-2 million subscribers who loyally watch videos as soon as they pop up in their subscriptions list. Not only are these popular YouTube stars gaining fame, they are also gaining a salary. YouTube vlogs are no longer simply hobbies or diversions, though many people began that way. If you are serious about creating and marketing high-quality video posts for your small business on a regular basis, then you could start making money from the ads Google places on your videos. Building your vlog’s reputation and viewership to the level where you are making serious money from Google’s revenue sharing will take time. Starting down this path, however, is as simple as creating a Google account for your YouTube vlog, creating an AdSense account to handle your payments and uploading your first vlog post to YouTube.  


Beauty vlogs are attracting around 1 million views per month with their wide array of product placements and tutorials. The most successful British beauty vloggers are basically little industries in themselves. There is the Pixiwoo channel that has make-up artists Sam and Nic Chapman, who have more than 200m views on YouTube, then their protegée Tanya Burr, a 24 years old with almost 2m YouTube subscribers, and Zoella or Zoe Sugg, 24, with 4.3m subscribers.

These comedy skit and beauty tip videos alike all started out with people truly passionate about what they love to do or enjoy as a hobby. They were able to turn a fun side hobby into a full time job. I say, why not take some of that passion and drive and plug it into an integrated marketing communications plan for a business? Video is the place to be seen, so it seems ideal to gain a following from a vlog-like YouTube channel to highlight your company, product or event. We may not all be fortunate to talk into a camera all day about things we love, but we can take that pattern and turn it into an executable marketing plan. 


2 thoughts on “The Emerging World of Vlogging

  1. Reading is dead. If you need a quick, “how to” then simply turn to YouTube demonstrations. Everything from the perfect hard-boiled egg to the seductive smokey eye.

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